Training Around Injuries

There is no way around it that if you live an active lifestyle at some point you are going to have aches and pains and possibly even injuries and/or surgeries.  Ankles get sprained, lower backs ban be sore, bones can break, but that does not mean you need to give your entire body a rest. If you wait until every inch of your body feels 100% before you start or continue to work-out you might never get started.

                I am not advocating that if something hurts you should push right through the pain and further injure yourself; be smart about how you train when you are healing. If your right shoulder hurts, train your left shoulder. If your left ankle is injured, focus on single leg work on your right side. If your back hurts when deadlifting, work on some lateral tube walking to strengthen your backside and take some off of the pressure of your back. If you are in pain and feel as though you need help working around an injury set up your free fitness consultation at the following link: