Complexes are two or more exercises performed in immediate succession to one another.  So while one muscle group is resting the other is being worked. In this video I used four exercises, kettlebell swings; kettlebell half kneel single arm shoulder presses; kettlebell goblet reverse lunges; and bent over single arm kettlebell rows. This exercise methodology can be grueling, but it can also be done in a progressive manor by advancing the difficulty of the movement, increasing the amount of reps, or adding more weight. A few rules by fitness expert Robert Dos Remedios are:

                “1. Exercise should follow smooth transition pattern.

                2. You cannot put down the implement until the set is complete.

                3. You need to determine your load based on your weakest exercise movement.” (Cardio Strength p. 42, 2009)

                Complexes are a form of strength training I like to call cardio strength training. They help to get your heart rate up, and offer a lot of the same great benefits of metabolic conditioning, but they also help to get you stronger. Start with the workout in the video below and I will post more complex variations in the coming weeks.