5 Tips to Staying in Shape While You are on Vacation

When on vacation it is not about being perfect; focus on maintaining your fitness rather than improving it. It’s important to not lose what you’ve gained, but don’t spend hours at a hotel gym while missing all the wonderful sights of whatever city or country you are visiting.

#1 Body weight exercises and bands are your friend, especially on vacation. You don’t need much to get in a good workout. Don’t be scared to go outside with a band and get creative. Even if you only have 20 minutes, a good workout will make you feel better the whole day.

#2 Get it done early in the day. Before you know it you’ve had a couple margaritas or you’re tired from the day’s activities. Don’t miss out on all the fun later in the day because you need to get your work out in.

#3 Don’t overcomplicate it. All you need is a push, a pull, a leg, and a core exercise for a great total body work-out.

#4 If you don’t have enough weight play with the reps and the tempo. Just because you don’t have your usual weights does not mean all is lost. You can often achieve the same result by simply slowing the exercise down and increasing the number of reps you complete within a workout.

#5 Plan ahead. Before you step off of the plane or get out of the car when you arrive you should know the days and times that you will get your workouts in so you can stick to your plan.  

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