What is Core Training?

One of the most common buzz words or terms in the fitness world is “core strengthening.” But I have heard this used in ways to mean a million different things. Some say it means having a flat stomach, mastering all sorts of single leg balancing exercises on a Bosu ball, or simply being the timed sit-up champion (getting the highest number of sit-ups in a certain amount of time). In reality, core training means more than just compressing your stomach muscles in a seated or crouching position. So if you think sit-up competitions are the way to go, think again!  The role of the core is to stabilize the spine.  Achieving the strength you need to stabilize your spine has a wide array of benefits, including reducing the chance of injury by improving your balance so that you’re less likely to fall or injure yourself in the course of activity, improving your posture, and generally providing you with a better range of higher quality movement.

                The best way to build strength in your core is through a variety of exercises including anti-rotational movements, loaded carries, a variety of planks, and anti-extension movements. My point is that the best way to strengthen your core isn’t to hammer out hundreds of crunches of sit-ups every day, it is strengthening the entire middle section of your body. Think of your core more broadly than just your abs – it encompasses your spine and the muscles that support your spine and abs. You need strength in that whole area in order for things to function at their best and for you to get the best type of movement you can.  In the coming weeks I will be creating a variety of videos that will show you some great ways to strengthen your core, and of course reach out with questions any time. If your back is bothering you, or you would like a stronger core for a variety of reasons click here to schedule your free fitness consultation today http://www.fit2youpt.com/free-fitness-consultation