The Val Slide Reverse Lunge with an Overhead Leverbell Press

The Valslide reverse lunge is a great progression from a typical reverse lunge. This variation really targets the entire leg, and when adding a leverbell press it also works the core and shoulders for a great total body exercise. If you do not have access to Val Slides feel free to use furniture movers, a slide board, or even socks on a hard wood floor. Do not rush into this variation if you have not yet mastered a split squat or a standard reverse lunge. If you do not have access to weights this movement can also be progressed by slowing down the tempo. Use this exercise as a part of any total body work-out.

How to:

1.       Set up your feet shoulder with apart with your arms either by your side or holding weights at your side or shoulders.

2.       Place one foot on a Valslide and slide that leg backwards as both your knees will bend at the same time.

3.       Slide one leg backwards and bring that back knee as low as you can without slamming it off the floor.

4.       Drive through your front foot (mainly the heal) until you can stand up straight (add a press if you are ready when standing up tall).

5.       Repeat the desired number of repetitions. This variation often works better with a higher rep range.